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Guangzhou Baiyun Area Etai Garment Factory
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Sản Phẩm chính: T Áo sơ mi, quần short, áo, vest, chạy bộ quần
Thứ tự xếp hạng6 bán chạy nhất trong Áo phông namCompetitive OEM factoryFull customizationSample-based customizationMinor customization

We specialize in custom high quality fashion casual knitted men's clothing manufacturers like clothes hoodies, long sleeve tshirts, short sleeve t-shirts, oversized style t shirts, polo shirts, singlet/tank top, men casual shorts, men casual pants joggers sweatpants streetwear trousers and sports wear, such as football jersey, basketball jersey, running shirt, fitness wear, tracksuit... minor customization hoodies logo/label, full customization hoodies, minor customization t shirt logo/label, full customization t shirt, minor customization men tshirt logo/label, full ccustomization men tshirt, customization from samples, customization from designs, fast custom new design popular t-shirt, vintage t shirt, 100% cotton washed tshirt, minor customization shorts logo/label, full customization shorts(mesh shorts/nylon shorts/cotton shorts/polyester shorts/vintage washed shorts), custom fashion casual mens pants, fast delivery OEM/ODM men joggers, clothing supplier custom sweatshirt... our worker are over 10 experience in these products, We also offer screen print, sublimation print, embroidery, applique and all kinds of artwork technic for different kinds of logo. our sales, design , production team will be at your services, our was good reputation Supplier, welcome to send us inquiry.

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Custom Men's Clothing/Oversized Clothing

Quần Áo của nam giới
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Mens Hoodies/Custom Hoodies Unisex

customizing various styles of men's hoodies and unisex sweatshirt sweaters on demand, such as fashionable fashion hoodie, high end streetwear hoodie, distressed retro street hoodie, acid washed vintage hoodie, oversized hoodie, etc., cotton pullover hoodie, full zip up hoodie, half zip up hoodie, including printing, foam printing, 3d puff printing, embroidery and other processes, has good quality, fast delivery, high customer turnover, and both soft customization and mass customization.

Mens Tshirts/Custom T shirts

Etai factory customizing various styles of men's T-shirts, such as fashion trend t shirts, luxury style t shirts, high street style t shirts, streetwear tshirts, acid washed t shirt, distressed retro t-shirts,regular t shirts/oversized t shirts/mens oversized tshirts, using knitted fabrics, good quality, fast delivery, high customer turnover, giving consideration to flexible customization and mass customization.

Mens Shorts/Custom Shorts Unisex 
customizing various styles of men's shorts, such as fashion shorts, high street shorts, beach shorts, streetwear shorts, gym sports shorts, athletic shorts, running shorts, swimming shorts,workout shorts, and cargo drawstring shorts, with knitted cotton shorts or woven polyester shorts or mesh shorts, unisex shorts,etc., customized on demand, good quality, fast delivery, high customer turnover, and both flexible customization and mass customization.

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